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What is the FBA IBO Program?

October 12, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ FBA IBO

Earn Wealth by Helping Others!

What is the FBA IBO Program?

First Black America | Independent Business Owner | Affiliate Marketing Program


The FBA IBO Affiliate Marketing Program is a wonderful opportunity for all peoples of the earth! It was created to serve several purposes. Here you will learn how this program will be used to:

  1. Create wealth for individuals!
  2. Create economically sound communities across the planet!
  3. Create a funding source for “small business” incubators across America, Africa, & Europe!
  4. Build a huge network for “Cooperative Economics” and what we like to call “Nation Building”
  5. Develop for the first time since slavery, a “Culture” for our people that is our own.

Section 1

~ Wealth Creation ~

It is now a well known fact that America alone has over 1.9 Million “Legitimate” Black Owned Businesses and Organizations. In the 2011 Census Report, it states that there were estimated to be around 1.9 Million Black Owned Businesses and that was on an incline. It also did not include Organizations, Churches, or Agricultural Entities. So we know now that there are over 1.9 Million Black Owned & African-American Owned Businesses & Organizations throughout the United States of America.

Our goal with this program is to utilize the power of Cash to motivate individuals to encourage Black Owned Businesses & Organizations to get registered in our Directory Network. These Businesses/Organizations can get listed for FREE or they can select a Sponsored Membership for even greater exposure. There are many benefits to being listed in our Black Owned Business Directory. These benefits are called the “Member Rewards Program“.

Let’s use the following equation in showing the collective wealth we posses in Business Ownership. If we could get just 250,000 Black Owned Businesses out of the almost 2 Million Black Owned Entities to select our Silver Membership Package ($5.00/mo.) that would generate approximately $1,250,000.00 every single month! Now of course as an IBO, you earn 20% of your referred clients payments every month/year.

For example: If you referred 100 Black Owned Businesses and they all selected the Silver Membership Package, you would be earning $100.00/mo. every single month! Let’s say you get a few IBO’s to sign up under you. You will earn 10% of their referred clients payments every month/year. So if you signed up 20 IBO’s and each of those IBO’s signed up 50 Clients at the Silver Membership Level, you would be earning and additional $500.00 a month or $6000.00/yr.

The more you refer the more you earn! Your Commissions level will increase as you refer more and more Sponsored (Paid) Black Owned Businesses and Organizations. Once you have referred 100 Sponsored Clients, your Commissions level goes up to 30% and is retro active to all the sponsored referrals you have accumulated. When you have reached 500 Sponsored referrals, your Commissions level increases to 40%. When you have reached 2500 Sponsored Referrals, your Commissions Level increases to 50% and that is the Max. 2500 Sponsored (Silver) Memberships will bring you $6,250.00/Mo.


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