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This Moorish Owned or "so-called" Black Owned, African Owned, African American Owned Business or Organization is located: NY 11717 Call:
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Belin Von Iron Heart Rotts

Belin Von Iron Heart Rotts Breeding Program

Belin Von Iron Heart Rotts Kennel is not a super large breeding kennel. This helps us devote more time and attention to developing our bloodline. We have quickly established an elite breeding program. We are dedicated to researching and using the most outstanding  proven bloodlines on earth. We carefully selected our champion bloodline from the very best dogs in the world. We took IFR World Sieger champion dogs then added the most prestigious ADRK  winning bloodlines  to make a rare in appearance, superior dog. They inherit giant size and powerful thick jaws with super wide heads. They also posses  a dark mouth pigment, super rich mahogany markings,  and great temperaments Belin Von Iron Heart Style!!                                                                                

Our Elite Male Breeding  Stock

Our founding super sire Maximus V.H. Huenink comes from the elite Huenink breeding kennel with a  superlative multi champion bloodline. His proven stellar pedigree features the World Champion Bronko Od Dragicevica, the great ADRK Mambo Von Der Crossener Ranch, the legend International Champion Gil Von Hause Milsped, World Champion Kendy Earl Antonius , International Champion Eros Von Hause Milsped, IRF Reserve World Champion Doxa Earl Antonius, International Champion Morro Vom Hause Marker, International Champion Balou Vom Silberblick, ADRK World Champion Gonzzo Earl Antonius , ADRK World Champion Josy Von Den Hassberghöhen, ADRK Akino Von Der Lauterbrucke, and the pride of the german ADRK, Champion Elvis Von Der Mühlbachstrasse. Maximus is truly an outstanding, very muscular and super powerful dog. Thank you Nick and Judy Huenink for all the advice,expertise, and allowing us to own Maximus!!! He is our founding male.

Our 2nd super sire Achilles Von Iron Heart comes from our  ultra elite breeding program !! He was bred by combination of Maximus and KoKo and is nothing short of spectacular. His pedigree is world class top of the line!! It features World champion Kendy earl Antonius, The Legend ADRK Champion Mambo von der crossener ranch, International Champion Gil Von Hause Milsped, International Eros von Hause Milsped, ADRK Champion Elvis von der Mühlbachstrasse, World Champion Dack Flash Rouse, ADRK World Champion Gonzzo Earl Antonius, International Champion Rik Darnel, World Champion Bronko OD Dragicevica, ADRK Champion Akino Von Der Lauterbrücke, ADRK Champion Hero Von Tonberger HoHe.  He is a top dog with a bloodline of the best dogs on earth in his breed.  His bloodline  ensures that  we will produce the most outstanding pups in the USA.. We are super excited about his addition to our breeding stock.

Our Elite Female Breeding  Stock

 Our 1st founding female is from another elite breeding program Malika Ivonne of the True Rott kennel. She was Imported directly from Serbia!! 

Thank you Dragan Vidojković of True Rott for supplying us with this super import female she is  beautiful. Malika Ivonne’s pedigree features the World Champion Sting Haus of Lazic, ADRK Champion Muck Von der Scherau, International Champion Monaco Vom Zica Maradona, ADRK World Champion Josy Von Den Hassberghohen, IRF Reserve World Champion Doxa Earl Antonius,  World Champion Kendy Earl Antonius, World Champion Quant Vom Muhlberg, Priska Haus of Lazic, ADRK Enja Von der Mühlbachstrasse, and the ADRK Champion Mambo Von Der Crossener Ranch. Malika Ivonne is linebred on both side of her pedigree on 2 time world champion Burning Des Princes D’aragone!!! She is a really stunning female. Malika Ivonne is a rare Alpha type  female in personality and well built. She is an essential building block of our Kennel.

  Our 2nd super producing female KoKo-Molly is from the elite Statewood breeding Kennel. She is truly amazing. Her mother Monika Lea Golden Windeshein come from elite stock. She was bred in serbia by Milanko Jerinic and then imported to the USA. She is champion sired. Her father is one of  the best rottweiler on the planet, the proven producer International Champion Rex Timit Tor. Her pedigree also features International Champion Rik Darnel, ADRK World Champion Gonzzo Earl Antonius, International Champion Tika Flash Rouse, ADRK & International Champion Exel Vom Weissen Schwann, The great  Morro Von Der Scherau, the legend ADRK champion Hero Von Der Tonberger HoHe, World Champion Quant Vom Muhlberg , World Champion Dack Flash Rouse, 2 time World Champion Burning Des Princes D’aragone, with line breeding on the great Balou Vom Silberblick. Thank you Reynold Dela Torre and Darko Veselic for supplying us with this unbelievable Alpha female.

We are proud to have brought  great dogs back to America

 All of our dogs are loaded with so many champions in their pedigrees its hard to count.. They are big boned, large framed ,super nice heads, and built like a tank. They are the foundation of our Kennel. Bred from the best of the best. We pair them  knowing that these puppies will be amazing.

All of the puppies we breed will have show and working ability paired with great protection instincts. We don’t stop there, we are still looking at adding more ultra impressive pedigrees…. Our superior bloodlines are complete with champion dogs. We feel we have successfully eliminated all inferior dogs from our gene pool. Therefore we consistently produce dogs that are superior to most current American breeders. All of our pups come from great European ZTP tested bloodlines. They have the best genes in the world. We have chosen not to overpopulate and pollute our bloodlines with weak dogs. We carefully blended the right dogs to bring our customer the most outstanding bloodlines we could find!!!

We Really hope you enjoy owning our dogs!!!!!

Our motto at Belin Von Iron Heart is to use the best pedigrees on earth. We produce a very confident calm, easily trainable, protective, courageous , devoted dog. We are proud to offer our dogs to everyone as working class, show / breeding pedigree rottweilers. They are used for world class breeding programs, AKC/ADRK shows, security, police protection, and family companion. We do not breed for average quality dogs we strive for the best. Our dogs have the world class pedigrees with  bloodlines that are very rarely seen in America. They are not of normal or average quality. Simply put they are considered by the experts  to be imported royalty!!! So when royalty produces it can only produce royalty…

Our  goal is to follow the FCI/AKC Rottweiler breed standard. We breed for temperament ,working ability and a noticeably wide head type.

We adhere to the ADRK  standard in Germany which stresses the importance of breeding only dogs proficient in security and protection who have the ability to pass along those traits as breed-able to other dogs. We provide the best guaranteed quality and breed stature that’s unmatched!! 

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Phone Number:6315754335
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This is a Moorish, Black, African, African American Owned Business or Organization in the City of:Brentwood
This is a Moorish, Black, African, African American Owned Business or Organization in the State of:New York
Website:Visit Link Here
CountryUnited States of America
State/ProvinceNew York
distance: 1,310 Miles
AddressNY 11717
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